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Pharmacy Information is a leading global mail order pharmacy which provides high-quality prescription drugs to American patients
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Location (Country) Panama, PAN (PA)
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by lt
on May 29, 2012
BetterthanMedicare is not a scam site. It has been approved by both CIPA (same used by Google) as well as by a USA pharmacy inspector. You can order from this site with NO CONCERNS of being mistreated in anyway.
No Scam here!!
by JB
on May 29, 2012
This is not a scam site. however is. All you need to do is look at what sites they do approve and you will see that this is not a legitimate review website. BetterThanMedicare is a great site and company and I have never experienced anything but exeptional care and service.
This is NOT a scam site
by James Lothar
on May 29, 2012
Better Than Medicare is NOT a scam website and needs to be more careful what they say. I have been with BTM for 3 years and have had excellent experiences each and every time. BTM is an approved CIPA site (note: the same accreditor that Google used) as well as it has been inspected by The Pharmacy Accreditation Services, a U.S.A. company that inspects pharmacies. There are not many pharmacy websites that have been approved by BOTH organizations. If there is a scam , it is not BetterthaMedicare but rather it is the website. Their motives need to be questions if they can rate a reputable site like as a scam!
Not a scam website!
by LB
on May 20, 2012
My vet recommended this website so that I could save thousands to purchase a brand name med for my pet, because the generics do not work as well.
I place the order, he faxes in the prescription and I receive the medication in just a couple of weeks.
The first time I placed and charged the order for an incorrect dosage which was more expensive, but I called and spoke to a rep who fixed the problem right away.
I have also ordered generic Prilosec for myself. It took a little longer and was addressed to my pet, but what the heck?
By the way, the generic Prilosec is manufactured by Mylan, a company in New Zealand that also supplies Walgreens with one of my daily prescription medications.
by Steve
on December 1, 2011
I have orderd 4 medications from them the last 2 years 1 came ftom lndia 1 from austraila packaged by pfizer.1 came from new zeland and 1 from the usa.three where shipped from port villa vanuatau.and 1 from the usa.i have had no problems with the meds or better than medicare
by Linda
on June 9, 2011
I've ordered from this pharmacy several times since Fall 2010 - I recognize the drugs and their effect. The pharmaceutical companies providing the drugs in blister packs are plainly marked and are from USDA approved manufacturing facilities in India, UK, Canada. Every shipment has been received within a 2-3 week time span which is as promised. I think this has been a great resource. Just the other day - I purchased a medication generic for Prilosec in a local store and it was manufactured in Israel ... so foreign medications are finding their way onto our shelves.
2 - Scam website
by Tiger
on January 10, 2011
They claim to be in Port Vila, Vanuatu, but this is BS. I filled the order form which I downloaded from their site. After 2 months no sign of my purchase. My credit card was charged. No goods were delivered. Customer service will not respond to my emails. Scam website!!!

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