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'.$fname.' review and report - searching for proof that are safe and reliable online pharmacy. If you are not sure to buy or not from an and you are sure that the is reliable, there are still a few tips to make right decision. You should know exactly how much your order will cost, also you should know delivery cost and any currency conversion rates. Make sure you know how to get a refund if your order does not arrive or damaged. Use Reliable Internet pharmacies reviews: Generic Internet Pharmacies reviews, Canadian Internet Pharmacies reviews, Mexican Internet Pharmacies reviews, US and UK online pharmacies, Indian Internet Pharmacies reviews, ED Internet Pharmacies reviews.

Pharmacy name
Reliable Medications
Number of Reviews 14
Recommendations 12
Pharmacy Information Reliable Medications Online Pharmacy. only dispenses United States FDA approved medications. Secure online medical consultations are included with your prescription drug order. Your pharmacist and physician are U.S.-licensed. The customer service toll-free number is posted on all pages for your convenience. Your prescription drugs are guaranteed to be authentic and from United States manufactures. This will help you identify the drug by it's shape and color for your safety. If you have any questions please call or instant message our customer care specialist during regular business hours.
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Location (Country) Canada, CAN (CA)
Location (City) Winnipeg
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Unable to contact customer support
by Craig
on November 10, 2012
This company is a joke, don't take my word for it.? Try to contact customer service and see how far you get.
by Axel
on July 23, 2012
Works fine for me!
by JIM
on March 14, 2012
Although it took about six weeks to receive my medication (don't know it this was a post office mishap or ???) it did arrive, the medication is legit and so is this pharmacy. Highly recommend.
by JIM
on March 3, 2012
I waited almost month and received nothing.
Customer service is poor. E-mail responses are slow and offer no solutions. Trying to talk by phone is impossible because the signal keeps cutting off. Lastly. I neither received my medicine, nor a refund.
Thumbs up!
by Jeff Parker
on January 28, 2012
Great experience with them!
Order not processed
by bell purvis
on December 24, 2011
I gave up after 3 days and then cancelled my order. For some unknown reason, this business failed to process nor ship my order. my order was not processed after 3 days so I cancelled it.
Generic viagra
by Teddcool
on August 1, 2011 is a a reliable online pharmacy. its easy to browse and shop from such online pharmacies. it is completely legitimate.
Canada, India, Europe all good for me as long as pills actually work!
by David
on August 18, 2009
Hailey, you are right the drugs do not come from Canada, this is clearly statues when you order from the different pharmacies. I placed my order from the European one, and recieved in in about 2 weeks, no complaints from me. Its not that hard to read their FAQ, and they do provide a free reship if you dont get it.
cheap and fast
by Elizabeth
on July 9, 2008
Ordered my Xenical for only $99.99 for 60 tablets! I got my order in 1 week shipped from Canada.
excellent customer support
by P.G., Fresno
on April 25, 2008
Fast service...... very helpful customer service....couldn't get the website to process my order so I phoned and got great help and speedy delivery with regular shipping on the order....
Surprisingly long delivery and shipping country
by Hailey
on August 28, 2007
I ordered some anti-depressants which is for whatever reason is Rx in the US. Online shopping experience was just fine. Price wise they were very competitive. My order confirmation didn't contain any package tracking though so I called Reliable Medications and they told me that my prescription will be shipped from india and they can't provide any tracking info for it. :-( Told me that it can take up to 21 days to get it delivered. I was frustrated at first, and even had to buy some alternative medicine at a local pharmacy. However, my order arrived in seven days (on Sunday actually). The medicine is made in Germany but by the same manufacturer that my original meds. Haven't tried it yet but overall I'd rate Reliable Medications as 3.5 out of 5 - the main reason for lower rating is lack of a) explicit warning where the medicine will be shipped from, and b) lack of tracking info on the shipment (I don't think their original statement of 'up to 21 days' would keep anybody happy). Other than that, I'll consider them for my next refill.
Honest company
by Alex
on August 15, 2007
mediacations, I like this company, they keep you updated, send things fast and have a great selection.
Incredibly Cheap Prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Liam Soldner
on July 18, 2007
I've ordered from many times now over the last few years. It's scary how much money I've saved... Firstly, I can't get insurance due to my pre-existing condition (a seizure disorder). OR the insurance I could get would be too expensive etc... I've purchase things like: Prevacid, 90 pills from our local WM superstore would be $521 whereas we got them for 80 delivered. Yes it's generic but who cares.. Allegra $93 vs $166. Topamax: 122 vs 748. Big difference. It can take awhile to get your meds but that's 2 or 3 weeks as they come from different countries. Cons: Reliable Medications is owned by Canamerica. They have people who call and nag you to refill your meds. When you speak to somebody they always offer a higher price because they aren't looking at the pricelist. That's easily fixed, however just tell them. I was nervous ordering from a Canadian pharmacy but have never had ANY issues with I've recommended them to everyone I know.
great company!
by Owen, Manitoba, CA
on July 11, 2007
Ive had nothing but positive experiences with Ive been a member there for over 3 years and always get what i pay for in sealed products, perhaps customs opened them, ive heard of that happening before. Ive tried other pharmacies and these guys are by far the best.

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